On Site Electricity Generation

The electric grid is experiencing unprecedented change. Has your business evaluated the merits of on-site electric generation and storage?

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Many large consumers of energy already have or can benefit from installing onsite electric generation for primary supply, backup supply, and to meet renewable goals. Additionally, energy storage is becoming more economically viable as the cost of batteries and other technologies declines while real time power price volatility has increased. Energy Edge has experience in:

  • Diesel Electricity Generation
  • Natural Gas Electricity Generation
  • Solar Electricity Generation
  • Wind Electricity Generation
  • Co-generation Facilities
  • Energy Storage

Energy Edge helps its clients commercialize these opportunities in a variety of ways.

Economic Feasibility

  • Evaluating the long term financial return of on-site generation or co-generation
  • Assessing risk in the long-term outlook for energy prices that could threaten viability
  • Identifying all potential revenue streams that can be monetized through on-site generation (i.e. excess energy sales, demand response, sales of ancillary services, and renewable energy credits or carbon offset credits)
  • Reviewing federal, state, and utility incentives for different generation technologies


  • Evaluating different structures such as client financed and operated, 3rd party financing, power purchase agreements, and generation as a service
  • Reviewing bids and negotiating commercial terms for 3rd party agreements


  • Integrating the on-site generation with grid power purchases
  • Optimizing the output of the generation through excess energy sales, demand response, sales of ancillary services, and renewable energy credits or carbon offset credits
  • Managing costs for fuel supplies

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Case Studies

When challenges or opportunities arise, Energy Edge is there for our clients, adding measurable value and delivering positive outcomes.