Why Energy Edge?

The Energy Edge team is a diverse and talented group of energy professionals that provides its clients with a deep and technical understanding of energy markets. All members of the Energy Edge team have experience working for either some of the largest retail energy suppliers in the nation or other successful energy consulting firms. Extensive knowledge of products, contracts and risk management strategies enables the Energy Edge team to provide unparalleled service to its clients.

Energy Edge can properly value and compare offers in the market through the teams highly technical understanding of both contracts and market rules. Every supplier approaches their contracts and products differently. These differences are often subtle yet carry potentially meaningful implications for consumers of energy. Given the Energy Edge team's background within the supplier community they can perform the proper due diligence on behalf of their clients and help them to properly value and assess supplier offers.

The Energy Edge team has over 75 years of combined experience in electricity and natural gas markets and has collectively facilitated over $4 billion of energy transactions. Each team member has a unique set of industry expertise, which assists our clients in all aspects of their energy management needs. The team's diverse backgrounds include:

  • Retail product development
  • Generation plant permitting
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Wholesale energy sales
  • Energy contract negotiations
  • Commodity trading
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
  • Retail energy sales