Sustainable energy use is a major focus area of large organizations today. Sustainability goals impact all areas of energy management from physical plant operations to energy procurement. Whether an organization's sustainability goals are driven by regulatory guidelines, consumer demands or a socially conscious leadership team, Energy Edge can assist in developing and implementing a sustainable energy strategy.

Sustainable Energy Strategy Development

In today's global environment, companies large and small must have a strategy in place to address a host of sustainability related issues. Energy Edge guides its clients in assessing opportunities and risks to business objectives in several key sustainability areas, including:

  • Renewable energy purchasing goals and cost effective implementation of those goals
  • Carbon footprint analysis & credit/offset option recommendations
  • Sustainability certification programs including LEED, Energy Star and others
  • Ongoing updates of changing regulatory guidelines and industry trends

Onsite Renewable Generation

The drive for a more renewable focused generation base has led to many attractive incentives for commercial, industrial, and institutional end use consumers to install onsite renewable generation. Energy Edge helps its clients leverage these opportunities through:

  • Complete analysis of federal, state, and utility incentives for renewable generation
  • Assistance in structuring the sale of excess generation and renewable energy credits
  • Overall assessment of the viability of any onsite renewable generation project including project cost, energy usage offset and regulatory & market risk

Demand Response & Energy Efficiency Programs

There are numerous opportunities for end use consumers to lower energy costs and further an overall corporate sustainability strategy through participation in demand response and energy efficiency programs.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the various demand response & energy efficiency programs available and the financial value and risks of each
  • Assist clients in understanding business implications of participating in certain programs
  • Assist clients in selecting and managing third party equipment purchases, installations, and ongoing service provider relationships