About Us

Energy Edge Consulting, LLC was founded in March 2009 by Brian Walker and Matt Hobson.  Prior to starting Energy Edge both Brian and Matt worked for Reliant Energy where they held leadership roles in Reliant’s commercial and industrial retail electricity business unit.

Brian managed Reliant’s north Texas large commercial and industrial sales office including a team of 20 energy professionals and oversaw a retail business that generated revenues exceeding $500 million annually. 

Matt worked in Reliant’s Houston office where he worked with some the largest and most sophisticated industrial users in Texas.  Additionally, Matt was responsible for managing a team of sales and support employees that generated over $150 million in revenue annually.

While working at Reliant Energy both Matt and Brian watched the deregulated retail energy markets become increasingly complicated and saw firsthand the challenges energy consumers were encountering when trying to manage their energy spend.  The two felt there was an unmet need on the part of consumers for consultants who possessed a very technical understanding of the commodity markets.  Matt and Brian believed their backgrounds inside the retail energy industry could bring clients the expertise required to navigate a volatile and complex market.

Shortly after starting Energy Edge Matt and Brian were joined by several energy professionals from some of the leading retail energy firms in the nation.  These individuals were all considered leaders within their respective organizations and their addition to the team has allowed Energy Edge to quickly develop a reputation in the energy market as one of the leading electricity and natural gas consulting firms.

Since 2009 Energy Edge has grown its footprint from a Texas focus to offering services across North America including Canada.  Energy Edge is currently working with clients across all deregulated markets as well as behind numerous regulated utilities to provide best in class energy management and advisory services.